“My favorite company for personal shopping/styling is called "StyleChic". It’s been my experience over the years that many people try to start up their own personal shopping business and many tend to fail because they expect the clients to come rushing through their doors.

Aly Scott knows the fashion industry as well as being a style expert with strong ties to the entertainment industry. She has a proven track record and consistently delivers a professional, enjoyable, cutting-edge, and hassle-free experience for many of our discerning guests.

I strongly suggest her, as she is a great resource and can also recommend some specific shopping locations that are unique and off the beaten path.”

~ Chief Concierge, The Peninsula Beverly Hills

“It has been such a pleasure working with Aly. What originally started as just my wife and daughter working with her turned into Aly helping to style my son and myself, as well. It makes life so much easier to have her picking out everything from clothes to shoes to accessories and have them appear on my doorstep. Not only is she great at being a Stylist, but an incredible help when you just need to find that special gift or to find that limited edition item that no one else can seem to get.”

~ COO, San Francisco

“I completely lack time management skills, and I hate to shop. Fifteen minutes before I have to go anywhere, I find myself standing in my closet, 'getting ready'. Thanks to Aly and StyleChic, I love everything in my closet. Now, within just fifteen minutes, I'm out the door feeling fabulous. StyleChic finds all the clothes that make you look and truly feel your best (and I'm talking clothes that you never would have chosen or known about without her). Aly Scott is a woman for the new millennium...helping women to express their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty!”

~ Philanthropist, New York/Los Angeles

“Thank you for showing me how to have fun while shopping! StyleChic dragged me out of the last century into this one, and there is no turning back now. I am a definite StyleChic and Aly addict. What I loved most from this experience is that she showed me what works for me rather than just following the latest trend. I also loved the shops we went to and how personalized the shopping trips were. They have given me the confidence that I needed to know how to look good, feel confident and take on the world. I can't thank StyleChic enough.”

~ CEO, Harvey Nichols, Saudi Arabia

StyleChic is an exceptional service that has helped me bring personalized fashion and style together. StyleChic has accommodated my style on both a personal and professional level, from tailored suits to elegant evening attire. Living in London requires me to be flexible with my outfits, from business meetings to social events, cocktail bars to family reunions, all the way down to my wedding dress. StyleChic has addressed my demands as a client and provided me with an excellent service and a memorable experience. They are reliable, trustworthy and consistent. They have guided me to make shopping for myself a personal fulfillment rather than a long search.”

~ Director of Luxury Fashion, London

“Working with StyleChic is always a wonderful experience. Since I work in a middle/high school, I want to look stylish and chic but professionally appropriate, as well. Aly worked well within my "teacher budget" and guided me to select styles that not only accentuated my body but also fit my personality. At first I was a little apprehensive about enlisting the job of a stylist, but I have to say I have never been happier with my wardrobe. It has boosted my confidence and I frequently receive compliments from family, friends, colleagues and students! Last week a secretary commented, "Kristina, you look so great after having the stylist work with you." I am starting to wonder what I looked like before! The one piece of advice I give is this: trust Aly. I have always been little but she mentioned that while my clothes looked cute, they were too big for me. She coaxed me into buying clothes that were my size, despite my hesitations, and I ended up calling her two weeks later stating, "Thank goodness I bought the smaller size!" Aly is a warm, personable person who works with clients of all shapes and sizes, has a keen eye for the clothing that suits every body type, and is able to find pieces that fit with all budgets.”

~ Teacher, New York

“I have been working with Aly for the past year and couldn't be more pleased with the results. After giving birth to my first child, I felt the time was ripe to overhaul my closet and update my clothing. Aly and I evaluated my current wardrobe and eliminated items that no longer worked, selecting new items that were style and age appropriate. Not only has she opened my eyes to new boutiques and designers that I would have never found on my own, but she made it so easy for me by bringing fabulous clothing and accessories directly to my home, which helped me to see how the items would work with what I already owned. Aly has a fabulous, fun personality and is a pleasure to work with. Moreover, she is very honest about what is flattering and what is not; and as a result, we have been able to put together many great outfits that I truly love and will be able to wear for years. It is a wonderful feeling to go into my closet and select clothes with confidence. My favorite part is how often I have been stopped and complimented on an outfit that Aly has put together or an item that she selected. If you are looking for a stylist, I highly recommend Aly for any of your needs from sorting through your existing clothes with a discerning eye to changing and/or updating your style.”

~ Mother, Rancho Santa Fe

“I have been a client of Aly’s for years. StyleChic takes care of everything for me, from shopping for new clothes to organizing my closet and even taking the clothes I no longer wear to charity. Aly has always paid close attention to my personal tastes and style and will find me items that I didn’t even know I needed, but now can’t live without. Aly’s expertise and attention to detail are what make StyleChic the best there is. ”

~ Venture Capitalist, Global

“What a life-changer! After eliminating most of my 15+ year-old wardrobe, Aly helped me put together a high quality, fashionable, comfortable, intelligent wardrobe at a much lower price than I would have thought possible. I love that Aly won’t let you buy anything that she thinks is overpriced. Prior to working with Aly, I couldn’t have even imagined what a "new wardrobe" would have cost – in fact, I found the concept completely intimidating. After a few sessions, I now always have something to wear and I always feel put-together without even really thinking about it. I get compliments all the time now.

I bought "Aly gift certificates" for several family members (from grandma to my 15-year old daughter) this past holiday season, and everyone’s been elated by the experience. The comments I hear most often post-Aly sessions are "It was so easy" and "I bought a dress that I would have never tried on in a million years – and it looked great!" I’m not sure how she does it, but Aly definitely has a gift. The discounts she gets are just icing on the cake.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Aly and StyleChic.”

~ Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

“Aly has changed my life. Before her makeover I was lucky if I wore 25 percent of my closet. Now, I wear every item in my closet and feel amazing in it. It actually takes me less time to get ready now, because anything I put on looks great. You can't afford not to have her in your life!”

~ Author, Los Angeles